Wwe Smackdown

In the first three rounds simply hit the key on your keypad that corresponds to a position where a boxer is located to punch that boxer. Each round consists of 50 boxers and you must knock out 60% or more of them to move on to the next round.

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how to play wwe smackdown

With the keypad numbers, you'll be able to punch the characters shown in the table game.You have to react very quickly, these characters appear and disappear very quickly, randomly on the table. If you're quick hands, you can reach the top 10 best players.

In the final round press the key on your keypad that corresponds to one of the targets that is lighting up. Green targets let you hit the champ and red targets let you block punches the champ is about to throw.

You have 1 minute to knock him out.

Use mouse to navigate
Use keypad numers to punch