Play WWE Slam City

Launch your fighter into the air using the ring ropes. Pull hard as you can with your mouse and release at the right time. The goal is to reach as far and make a high score.

how to play wwe slam city

Drag with force the ropes as much as you can to launch into the air the wrestling character. After you have launched the character, during the flight, click and hold for a boost. Helped by birds and balloons in your path leads you on to an unknown destination.

While you're in the air you must collect certain things that will help you fly as much. The goal is to make a high score. Try to avoid helicopters, airplanes and hot dog kiosks, they will hinder you to follow your path. The game is very well done, very pleasing colorful for children.

Use mouse to play Avoid planes and helicopters
Click and drag to launch Use birds and balloons