World Boxing Tournament

Beat your fear and get in the boxing ring, with consummate warriors. Be ready to face the computer or play against a friend. So you'll realize your abilities to act and defeat another opponent.

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how to play world boxing tournament

Are you ready to be the best in world boxing? This is a start compromising for you. Let's see what you can do, in this contact sport. You must create your own strategy, to be ready to attack, but also know when to step back in time. It is about being smarter than your opponent, not just about you beat someone.

This game is simple, nice graphics that load quickly, and you can play on older devices without having problems. You can stop the music and sound if you bother.


player 1: wasd to move B,N,M - attack, space defense
player 2: arrow keys to move 1,2,3 - attack, 0 - defense