El Papel

El Papel is a Mexican wrestler who need to find the exit from a pretty hard maze. Just guides the El Papel head through obstacles and collect stars and tacos for points. This is a nice wwe maze game online.

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how to play el papel

Are you ready for a new mexican wwe adventure for your taste? This is a strategy maze game at the same time. All you have to do is to guide the head of El Papel among obstacles. In your want you must collect all stars to get the next level. Also you must reach and eat tacos for extra points.


You can not get bored so fast, this game contains 41 levels difficult to pass that you will definitely love it. You can always replay the level until you'll be happy with the result. Is the perfect game for a break at work or school, it will forestall total, and relax for good.


use mouse to interact collect stars Press left click to punch
use arrow keys to move collect tacos Use J to run